Au revoir 2009: “Career”


Confession: I don’t have a “career”. I’ve never had a job where I’ve said “yeah, I’m gonna do this for the rest of my life”. I’m an entrepreneur and I can’t decide if it’s a curse or a blessing to have an entrepreneurial mind. Most of the time it’s a blessing- I love the schemes/ideas I come up with and the passion I feel for them. But the curse comes in when I can’t find a job to satisfy me. Probably my favorite job to this point was working as a hostess at an upscale restaurant. I was respected, trusted, appreciated, and I got along with the majority of the people I worked with. It didn’t pay much, but I loved it. I was happy.

Since graduating college 3+ years ago, I’ve had 6 jobs. Yes, 6! Sometimes I feel bad about that, other times it makes me happy to know I’m not being a flatliner and just settling for a job I don’t love. I also have a nice collection of business cards with various titles: restaurant consultant, account executive, marketing consultant, reservationist, restaurant manager, event planner, and administrative assistant/ marketing. Ok, so that’s 7 jobs… I just lost my job yesterday. Let’s look back at 2009, shall we?

2009 “Career”

I started off 2009 as an event planner with a local catering company. I loved the event planner part but my creativity was stifled. I tried to plan a wedding with really creative appetizers- the bride loved the ideas but the “chef” had no idea how to execute the menu. I had also taken over the marketing but the owner didn’t see the benefit of email or having a user friendly website because he felt mail and in person visits were more beneficial. Old school vs. modern ideas caused some tension. As with most caterers, business slows in January and doesn’t pick up until picnic season rolls around. I was laid off in early February and smiled as the news was delivered and I packed up my desk. It was a good thing!!

I thought I’d find a job fairly quickly but I was wrong. Three plus months of unemployment gave me time to learn about social media, become a Twitter addict, and brush up on my excel skills. Luckily, I live at home, save my money, and received unemployment so I didn’t have to change my lifestyle too drastically while unemployed.

A friend told me about a job at another local caterer, I interviewed, and accepted the position. I would be an administrative assistant and eventually assist with the marketing. There weren’t any training manuals, streamlined procedures, or formal training procedures in place. It was frustrating but I started to get in the groove of things. I was dealing with strong personalities who were very set in their ways and didn’t see the benefit of having information in one place as opposed to 3 file folders, 2 excel sheets, and a word document. I attempted to make things a little more efficient and it would last for about 2 days and then everyone would go back to their way of doing things. There was also a mouse doing his business on my desk after hours and some lovely cockroaches that would visit every now and then. Ack! It frustrated me and I started to get really annoyed.

The holidays were very busy- I put in extra hours and kept saying to myself “you gotta find a new job in the new year”. Just yesterday I was told to “have a seat” between one of my bosses and the HR manager. I knew I wasn’t getting a raise and quickly realized I was being “let go”. I smiled and joked around as they were firing me and talking to me like I was a child. I wasn’t putting on a brave face- I was truly content with what was happening. I kept thinking “This is the kick in the butt I need”.

2010 “Career”

I’m excited to see where the new year takes me. Being unemployed at the beginning of the year is a blessing. There’s no other way to look at it. I’ve already started applying for jobs and I have a part-time job (1 night/week) so I’m not worried at all. Even before losing my job I was considering going to culinary school in 2010- now I’m really really considering it. Who knows where I’ll end up or what I’ll end up doing but I’m fine with that and hopeful that I’ll end up with a fabulous, new job! =)

Up Next: Au revoir 2009: The Loss


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