Be Good Until Then


Always know the road you’re riding on
Always know the words to you baby’s song
Try to make the most of Friday nights when they call
Maybe turn a stranger to a friend
Never break a heart that’s on the mend
Never let the romance ever end like I’ve done

Never judge a color of a skin
Never judge a person by their kin
Never follow leaders that begin behind someone
Always help your Mama cross the street
Always wash your hands when you wanna heat
Always keep um dirty enough to see where you came from

Try to see the best inside the bad
No matter how many drinks you’ve had
Never make a promise you’ll regret come sunrise
Always keep your ego at your feet
Maybe try to practice what you preach once and a while

Everybody loves a hero not so much when they fall short so try to keep your cape on underneath
You don’t have to try so hard to be the best just know you are
And that’s all that will matter to me

And it’s okay to cry, if you feel it coming on
It’ll let you know you’re human in the end
And all these things will mean more when I’m gone
So be good until then

From the album “I liked you better when you had no heart” by Butch Walker and the Black Widows. Listen to the full album on


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