A Valentine’s Post


I should hate Valentine’s Day but I don’t. My wiring must be off because I never seem to date “romantic” guys yet I still believe in (and love) all things romantic.

I don’t have a valentine this year, but if I did, I’m sure the dude would be cool enough to purchase me at least one of the following items:

“I love you more today than yesterday, less than tomorrow” Necklace

I Love You More Today Than Yesterday-Simple Antiqued Brass French Charm Necklace

Image via Etsy.com

Michael Buble “Crazy Love” Album

Michael Buble "Crazy  Love"

Image via Covershut.com

Rosie Fruit Muddler- I’ve needed a muddler for years so by giving me this, my Valentine will also receive delicious mojitos. Win/Win

Rosie Fruit Muddler

Image via Amazon.com

Flowers (Peonies, Roses, & Hydrangeas are my favs)

Passion for Purple™ Rose Bouquet

Passion for Purple™ Rose Bouquet- Image via 1800flowers.com

Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka
Image via: Flickr

Road Trip (I’m itchin for a trip to Wisconsin Dells w/a stop at Wollersheim Winery on the way)

And you’re probably asking, so what would my Valentine get in return? Well, it all depends on the guy. I kinda thought I would have a Valentine this year and I definitely had some good ideas for the guy but oh well. Anyways, when I really like someone, I like doing nice things for them. I’m the kinda gal who gives little gifts for no reason. Some cute things I’ve done in the past include:

-A guy I liked was going on tour with his band so I checked his myspace page to see what he liked and made him a little care package with all his favorite treats.

-I made a super awesome powerpoint presentation for my (then) bf’s birthday a few years ago. It took me a while to make but was totally worth it!

-One of my boyfriends mentioned he liked Audrey Hepburn and I knew he liked cufflinks so I got him AH cufflinks from Etsy.

-I drove 45 mins. to my (then) bf’s house to bring him gatorade, juice, and cough drops when he was sick.

Cute things guys have done for me:

-Two years ago my (then) bf drove 45 mins. to my house to hand deliver my Valentine’s flowers before work.

-Told my (then) bf that I needed a little more romance so he planned a fun day for us which included mini golf (one of my favs), a picnic in the park, and dinner at one of my favorite restaurants (Honey). The picnic included cream soda (one of my weaknesses) and my favorite sushi (hand grenade from Sushi Bar).

Some tips for the gentleman:

-We ladies don’t care how much you spend- as long as what you give us has meaning. The jewelry I wear the most is the stuff that has meaning or a memory behind it. I have a $12 pair of brass knuckle earrings that I love but I also remember going to pay for them in Vegas and my then bf taking them from me and paying for them himself. My two favorite necklaces are from my best friend and my Dad (yeah, it does also help that they’re from Tiffanys)…. A “boyfriend” also bought be a $4 “Nightmare Before Christmas” bracelet (he liked the movie, not me). It was elastic, cheap, and beaded. I wore the hell outta that thing. It didn’t matter if I was dressed up or in jeans- I wore that thing all the time… until one night I ripped it off my wrist in my car after an argument. I was still finding beads in the car long after that “relationship” dissolved.

-Every girl really does love flowers. BUT!! Again, you don’t have to spend a lot (the bouquet above is $39.99). Everyone knows flowers are pricey around Valentine’s Day so get your gal a few flowers and write her a little message on the card. Save the big arrangements for random surprises (because I know you get your lady flowers for no reason…).

-Do not buy your lady friend a keychain from Tiffanys unless she specifically tells you she wants one. A keychain says “hey pal”, not “I like ya, you’re hot, wanna make out?!”*.

*Ideally, a Valentine’s gift should say something along the lines of “I love you, you mean a lot to me, and my life is better because you’re in it” but “I like ya, you’re hot, wanna make out?!” is pretty awesome too =)

-It’s all in the presentation. I once had a guy show up unexpected at my house with flowers. That was good. But he made me come out to the car to get them and upon handing them to me, he stated “they’re carnations, not roses”. Bad presentation, bad, bad, bad… Same guy also bought me season 10 of Friends. Thoughtful. Presentation- threw it down on the host stand at my work and then walked away– LAME!

-Doing something nice/romantic for the lady in your life does not make you any less of a man, it makes you more of a man. And the rewards for being romantic are plentiful (and sometimes naughty) 😉

And in closing, stop being one of the cool kids and saying you hate Valentine’s Day. Because you don’t. I bet you actually like it but you’re probably a little bitter/sad/confused or whatever it is the emo kids are calling it these days. Spend the day with your Mom or Dad, send someone a sweet text, leave someone a note on their windshield, or eat a box of chocolates by yourself. Just stop bein a V-day hater. =)


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