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I blogged about Kingsley earlier in the week but here he is being a rebel & sitting way to close to the fire

OH Swoon! This dress from Anthropologie is beeeeeautiful!

5 Big Brand Case Studies Every Marketer Should Know from Hubspot


I love Hubspot (& the Hubspot blog) for so many reasons and this cartoon just made me love them more =)

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So cute!


I just saw Taza‘s adorable pup, Kingsley on her blog and oh my gosh- SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I love him! My best “pup” friend passed away in August and I keep telling people I don’t want a new dog but I think if I saw a pup like this in person, I wouldn’t be able to resist!

Could you resist this lil guy??

I Disagree, Sir


I clicked on a link posted in one of @SkeeterHansen‘s tweets recently which stated “How to get over the 2,000 Follow Limit on Twitter http://cli.gs/J37Gv“. I was anxious to check out the info because I reached the limit and couldn’t find a clear explanation as to when I’d be able to follow more people. I’m sure I followed some people a year ago who I no longer care to follow but I’ve yet to figure out a way to go to page 1 of my following list so I can unfollow some of those accounts. I’m also sure that many of those accounts are “dead” (meaning they haven’t been tweeted from in a certain amount of time and/or their tweets are no longer relevant to me). So an article about getting over the follow limit appeared to be just what I was looking for.

I’m going to preface this disagreement by stating I am not a Twitter expert. I’m not sure who really is a “Twitter expert” but I know I’m far from it. I do, however, feel that I’ve educated myself over the past year and know good practices when it comes to Twitter. With that said, here’s why I disagree with @SkeeterHansen‘s way around the follow limit.

1: @SkeeterHansen believes that following less than 2,000 people means your fairly new to Twitter. I disagree- it may mean you’re just picky about who you follow. Some people like following a lot of people, some people only like following a few. My suspicions are raised when there’s a big gap between followers and following. People who have 14,058 followers but only follow 6 people are probably “celebrities” who aren’t posting what I’m intersted in so I don’t follow them (but yes, I do follow some “celebrities”). On the flip side, people who have 6 followers but who are following 14,058 people are probably spammers or folks who don’t care to use Twitter properly. Twitter is a give and take. If you’re going to be completely one sided about it, then you’re not using it properly. Only retweeting or replying to your “friends” and/or self promotion is not the kind of Twitter I’m interested in being a part of so I often unfollow (or I don’t follow these folks to begin with) these types of accounts.

2: The suggestion @SkeeterHansen gives for getting around the follow limit, is to unfollow people who do not follow you. I find this to be a bit, for lack of a better word, childish. Just because someone doesn’t follow you doesn’t mean you should not follow them. There’s plenty of people who I follow who don’t follow me and vice versa. If I think they have something interesting to say, I’m going to follow them (and retweet them). If they follow me, that’s great. If not, I’m not going to lose sleep over it or unfollow them. If I found out Steve Carell wasn’t watching my YouTube videos, I wouldn’t stop watching “The Office“.

3: @SkeeterHansen keeps people with “decent looking photos”. Yes, photos are a an important part of your profile and should reflect your personality and/or brand. We are, afterall, our own brands. I do agree that profiles with no photo make me suspicious and I often end up blocking those followers from following me. I rarely follow someone without a photo because the majority of the time, it’s a spam account and I really don’t care about making millions via the internet.

The “decent” part of this statement is a bit misleading. I was following a few accounts at one point because their photos looked legit and “decent” in my opinion, but I soon found out that there were a series of accounts with these “decent” photos but those photos were just a fascade for the spam these accounts were tweeting. I think you have to judge for yourself what kind of photos will raise a red flag to you. Personally, a profile with a super attractive female raises a bit of suspicion and upon further investigation, I usually find that the account does not retweet or reply and they’re a big fan of their webcam- RED FLAG, RED FLAG!!!

4: He suggests following 300-400 people per day until you reach 2,000 following. I don’t recommend this approach and of the top of my head, I don’t know the number at which Twitter suspends your account, but 400/day seems like a lot to me. The only time I’ve found myself following a high number of people in a day is when I set up an account for a client and begin following people with a similar interest or in the same area so I can show them how to retweet and reply to relevant information. I think if you follow a lot of people in a short time span, you’re most likely doing it so hopefully they’ll follow you and you’ll gain a lot of followers. Yes, followers are important on Twitter but I’d rather have relevant followers and people who I truly want to follow be following me. Twitter is not a popularity contest to me. I like having a good amount of new followers every day, but I like it even more when the newbies are folks who have similar interests and who I can learn from. Just following someone in hopes that they’ll follow you back is not a good practice in my book. Following someone and then having them follow you back can often open the door for great 2 way communication- which is what Twitter is all about.

@SkeeterHansen does follow me and I follow him. We just had our first communication via Twitter. I sent a “test” DM to see if he was following me and he quickly responded- a great Twitter practice in my book!!!  This post was not created in a vindictive or angry way, it’s just my response to his post. And hey, I would have done it on Twitter, but as you can see, my opinions tend to exceed the 140 character limit.

I’d love to hear your comments and critiques below so feel free to post something below because blogging, too, should be a two way communication.

Baker’s Twine


I have a weird obsession with baker’s twine lately. I don’t know what I’d use it for but I’m sure it would come in handy at some point.

I just came across Divine Twine via Jordan Ferney’s blog- Oh Happy Day. I love the variety of colors and now I’m ridiculously tempted to buy some.

A few months ago, Mayor Daley announced that the city would be cutting back on their recycling program. The cut backs included less frequent pick up of recyclables and the expansion of the recycling program would be put on hold. Many Chicagoans were outraged by this change and even though I don’t live in a neighborhood with the special recycling cans, I, too, was outraged by the cutbacks.

A few years back we had the blue bag program and the blue bin program. It seems to me like recycling has just caught on in the past few years and nowadays there’s a number of people who understand the basics of recycling. I’m still curious as to where the recyclables go after their picked up and if they’re sorted- the whole process is a bit of a mystery. But I hope for the best and do my best to recycle.

On that note, living in Chicago and attempting to recycle is a pain in the butt. Because I live in a neighborhood that did not receive recycling cans, I have to store my recyclables and then drive them to the nearest drop off site. Luckily, there’s one about 5 minutes from my house. Unfortunately, it’s located in a forest preserve and it’s quite creepy to go there on my own. I did it once by myself and found myself running frantically from my car to the dumpster as creepy men drove by and stared at me. Now, I coordinate my schedule with my Mom and we go together to dispose of the recyclables. Today, we took a trip over the the bin and I was a bit outraged with what I saw:

recycling dumpster

overflowing recycling dumpster

The dumpster was overflowing and some people even started to pile up their recyclables on the side of the dumpster. I understand that the holidays just passed and that we generate more garbage (and recyclables) during that time, but I believe the overflow also has to do with the cutbacks imposed by our lovely mayor. I was unable to dispose of everything so now I have to store the recyclables in my garage until I can make it back out to the drop off site again. Yes, it’s very inconvenient!

I’m sure many people view recycling in Chicago as an inconvenience and don’t even bother to do so. It’s quite easy to separate your recyclables and non recyclables once you get in the habit of doing so- I even catch myself picking toilet paper rolls out of the garbage and placing them in the recycling box. But the inconvenience comes in to play when I have to find a place to store the recyclables and then load them into my car and then drive to a drop off site and then get out of my car and make multiple trips back and forth to throw my items into the dumpster. And let’s not forget how much fun it is to attempt to avoid slipping on the ice on the unsalted area surrounding the dumpster!

The whole recycling process in Chicago is a joke. Our mayor has spent money “beautifying” our parks instead of investing in our recycling program which will make a measurable difference in Chicagoan’s lives (and not to mention the sustainability of the planet). He claims we don’t need weekly recyclable pick ups. No, we don’t need it because I’m willing to bet the majority of Chicagoans don’t know what or how to recycle. Recycling cans are not full every week because people don’t understand just how much can be recycled. I propose we start spending our tax dollars (and maybe some of that meter money) on educating Chicagoans and implementing a recycling program that really works. And then we will all be able to proudly say that we live in a city that is striving to make life better for both the people and the planet.